How to Apply & Care

Below are instructions to apply heat seal backed appliques to materials and projects.  Please read thoroughly and carefully as not to damage the Patch nor your garments.

 Appropriate Fabrics for Items of Application: Preferred application to Heat seal to cotton or cotton fabrics. Do NOT apply to rayon, nylon fabrics or any fabric that is heat sensitive.

 Iron On Patch Application:

1. Using a Household Iron, pre-heat iron to the hottest temperature setting (WITHOUT STEAM) and select a hard, flat pressing surface 

2. Using the heated iron, pre-heat the area by pressing down for 20 seconds or until the material feels hot where you are going to place the patch to help with adherence.

3. Position patch on the front of the garment, you will want to cover the embroidered design with thin pressing cloth prior to applying heat. For patches with sequin, plastic material, or beading, position patch on the front of the garment. Flip your garment on the opposite side or turn it inside out.

4. Press straight down holding for 30-40 seconds with constant pressure,(NO BACK AND FORTH!) then turn the garment inside out and repeat.

*If you have difficulty with adherence, increase heat, length of press and pressure.


CARE: Once applied, Patches are permanently attached to garments and are washable. I recommend turning garments inside out and washing in Cold, on Delicate and hanging dry to preserve the longevity of your decor.